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I love your gallery! :heart: :love: 
Lior-Art Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
A so wonderful gallery :D
AdrianDunk Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Superb Gallery, packed full of beautiful photo's on many different subjects. I have enjoyed looking through your work.
Oh my what a creative talent you have and such an eye, this gallery is just purely wonderful...and as a brit it is good to see Lowestoft beach ;)
clippercarrillo Oct 1, 2013  Professional Photographer
Glad you found the image. And thank you for the kind words.
LIDIAMARINA Jul 12, 2013  Professional General Artist
I can´t stop faving!
Fantastic, inspiring, wonderful gallery!!!
Watching you!
looziker Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
amazingly stunning photos!
Votre galerie, René, ferait plus d'un envieux, tant elle est impressionnante par ses oeuvres de qualité.
Vous m'honorée :+devwatch: je vous remercie de votre soutien! :rose:
Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Leathurkatt's mom, Marce,
I am blown away by your gallery. You are one of the few photo artists I have seen who really knows how to take pictures in full sun and achieve shadow and depth so the sun doesn't bleach everything out to "flat," VERY nice. It looks as though you have art training, because you have good composition, color blocking, good photographic technique and ability for special effects. Combine this with a great eye for shots, and a dry sense of humor ( shown by your wonderful titles ), makes you a great artist in my book - who should BE published in a book. You should approach some publishers with a portfolio of your work. Awesome! I only wish I could afford to buy your work. I am living on disability. My favorites (Of which I have made a list for future reference in case I do get more in the way of disposable funds) include:
Sunrise Song (posted comment), Good Morning, Uncommon Beauty, Chirp, Camera Bag Candlestick and Cat, In the Sunflower Garden, Tomorrow, Nutcracker, The Sunlit Wing, Bright Water, Go, The Young Mallard, Canada Pal, Angry Birds, Reflections at the Park, Clover Zone, Wind on the River, Strange Beauty, Dazzle Me, Canada, Hidden from the Storm, 5x7 Red Spotted Purple Greeting Card, 5x7 Lilac Breasted Roller Card, Avoiding the Hawk, 5x7 Swallowtail Card, The Wild Rose, Pastels (would be great puzzle), Sailor apart from the Sea, Winter Dawn, My Not-So-Pet Hawk, Brown and Gray, Preliminary, Junco Beside the apple Bud, Racial Memory, Her Majesty, In the winter Garden, Red-Tailed Cry, Call Me Blue (great bright sun shot), Hidden, Snow Geese, Beautiful Starling, Walking the Walk, Fast, Fall (one of my favs), Tail Feathers, Brave Crow, Starship, Autumn Leaves, In the Garden, Zorro, We Can Train Any Dog, Pure Sunlight, The Bridge (another fav), Stop, The Chase, Forgotten Flowerpot (posted comment), House Finch Juvenile, Cardinal Feeding Chick, and Fence. Guess you could qualify me as a fan. Apologies for lack of quote marks around titles. Keep up the great work! I will definitely keep following you.
Sincere best wishes,
clippercarrillo Sep 28, 2012  Professional Photographer
I'm on disability too, Marce, so I sure know how it is. God knows what will happen to us, as the years pass away. I don't think I'll vote for Romney, though!!! Send me a note with your address, if you like, and I'll send you a print when I get back from my road trip, in return for your encouragement. It may have to be one of my choosing, though. God bless.
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